George Strait Tour Tickets and Concert Dates
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George Strait Tour Tickets and Concert Dates

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    2014 George Strait Concert Dates Probable Set List
    Cowboy Rides Away Tour

    Set One

  1. Here For A Good Time

  2. Ocean Front Property

  3. Check Yes or No

  4. I Saw God Today

  5. Drinkin' Man

  6. Love's Gonna Make It Alright

  7. Arkansas Dave

  8. The Fireman

  9. Jackson
    (Johnny Cash & June Carter cover)

  10. Golden Ring
    (George Jones & Tammy Wynette cover)

  11. Her Goodbye Hit Me In The Heart

  12. 80 Proof Bottle of Tear Stopper

  13. Honky Tonk Crazy

  14. Marina Del Rey

  15. A Fire I Can't Put Out

  16. The King of Broken Hearts

  17. Where the Sidewalk Ends

  18. The Chair

  19. River of Love

  20. Give It Away

  21. How Bout Them Cowgirls

  22. Amarillo by Morning

  23. I Believe

  24. That's What Breaking Hearts Do

  25. Give It All We Got Tonight

  26. I'll Always Remember You

  27. Troubadour

  28. Unwound

  29. Encore:

  30. All My Ex's Live In Texas

  31. Folsom Prison Blues
    (Johnny Cash cover)

  32. The Cowboy Rides Away

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